As part of the project, ie. 'Rehabilitation Centre, ie. The reconstruction and change of use of the gym at the outpatient rehabilitation of educational and gym hall "District Hospital in Rawicz
Sp. with o.o will conduct the following training:
1. Support lifts and equipment to facilitate transport of patients,
2. The care and improve patients with disorders of the musculoskeletal system,
3. The care and dependent care patients with neurological disorders,
4. Preparation of the family and patient care and self-care home
5. PNF degree,
6. Alternative forms of communication with the patient.
7. pelvic floor muscle training in the prevention of urinary stress incontinence,
8. Support psychiatric patients and families during chronic disease
9. First aid,
10. Classical massage for patients with neurological disorders, therapeutic massage for people with disabilities after injuries and accidents Therapeutic massage for people with loss of muscle, lymphatic massage for women after mastectomy, Massage elderly and bedridden, Relaxation Massage,
11. improving and breathing exercises for mobility impaired people;
12. Preventing complications of immobility and lack of physical activity,
13. Sources of assistance to the family in case of chronic disease and disability.
14. Methods of self care and self-care in various stages of disability.
15. The role of volunteering and types of support for people with disabilities,
16. Relations between the generations,
17. The role of youth in the prevention of social exclusion of older people and the disabled,
18. Sources of assistance to a person with a disability in the case of chronic diseases,
19. Organization of leisure time niesamodzielnego patient and health promotion,
20. Forms of organization of free time for dependents and health promotion,
21. Forms of organization of leisure time for people of old age,
22. Health education in chronic diseases occurring in the elderly.
         The trainings are addressed to different audiences, including the hospital medical staff, carers DPS students WSCKZiU, patients and families of people with disabilities, carers and occupational therapists, students rawickich schools.



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