About the Project

The project entitled.:"Rehabilitation Centre, ie. The reconstruction andchange of use ofthe gymat theoutpatientrehabilitationofeducational andgymhall" is implementedunder the Operational ProgrammePL07: Improved andbetter alignment ofhealthtodemographic andepidemiologicaltrends, action:Better adjustmenthealth carein order to meetthe needs ofa rapidly growingpopulationof chronically illanddependent, andthe elderly.The projectuses agrantin the amount of 2 766 433,00 originating from Iceland,Liechtensteinand NorwayFinancial Mechanismof the EuropeanEconomic Area (EEA FM) for 2009-2014 and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism(NMF) 2009-2014.


Title of the project:

"Rehabilitation Centre, ie. The reconstruction andchange of use ofthe gymat theoutpatientrehabilitationofeducational andgymroom."


Aim of the project:

The overall objective ofthe project is"Improvingpublic healthand reducingsocialinequalitiesinhealth", which is the main objectiveof the Operational ProgrammePL07"Improvingandbetter alignhealthtrendsDemographic andepidemiological studies."

The direct objectiveof the Projectis"better alignment of health care providedby the HospitalDistrictin Rawiczsp.the expectations andneeds of a rapidlygrowing populationof chronically illandelderlydependents andmainly inRawiczCountyandneighboringcounties, by broadeningthe range of servicesfor rehabilitation. "

The project contributes toa significantimprovement of infrastructureand availability ofhealth care, mainly in RawiczCountyandneighboringcounties. With theimplementation of the Projectwill be expandedrangeof medical services. Thisshouldtranslateinto betterhealth careto adaptto the needs ofthe chronically ill andelderlydependents andRawiczcounty residentsas well asneighboring countiesand, indirectly,shouldraisethe competitiveness ofthe area.



Medical benefits:

Project implementationwill enhancethe range of servicesformedical rehabilitation. On the basis ofthe Rehabilitation Centerwill include the followingrangesof medical services:

  1. Rehabilitation servicesin thecenter orday hospital.
  2. Rehabilitation inan outpatient setting.

Rehabilitation servicesinvariousareas ofphysiotherapylisted belowwill be implementedusinghardwaremethodsadequate to themethod:

  1. Exercise therapy:
  • Individual workwith the patient(passive exercises, step-passive exercisebyneurophysiological methods, methods of neuromuscularre-education, specialexercises, mobilization and manipulation);
  • Assisted Exercises;
  • Tilting;
  • Active exercises in relieving and relieving active in the resistance;
  • Free active exercises and active resistance;
  • Isometric exercises;
  • Learning activities locomotion;
  • Extracts;
  • Other forms of rehabilitation (physiotherapy);
  • Ogólnousprawniające group exercises;
  1. Massage:
  • Dry massage;
  • Manual lymphatic massage - therapeutic;
  • Mechanical lymphatic massage - therapeutic;
  • Underwater massage - hydropowietrzny;
  • Underwater massage local;
  • Underwater massage total;
  • Mechanical massage;
  1. Electrotherapy:
  • Electroplating;
  • Iontophoresis;
  • Four-chamber bath;
  • Electric bath - total water;
  • Electrostimulation;
  • Tonolisis, ie. Electrostimulation, whose main function is to restore the physiological balance of excitation of muscle fibers;
  • Diadynamic;
  • Interference currents;
  • TENS;
  • Traebert's Currents;
  • Kots currents;
  • Ultrasound local;
  • Ultrafonoforeza;
  • Treatment with electromagnetic fields;
  • Pulsed high-frequency electromagnetic field;
  • Short-wave diathermy, microwave;
  • Pulsed magnetic field of low frequency;
  1. Phototherapy and Thermotherapy:
  • IR irradiation, UV - localized;
  • Laser - scanner;
  • Laser point.
  1. Hydrotherapy:
  • Whirlpool limbs;
  • Other solutions - swirl in the tank;
  • Spray Whip, Scottish, permanent sheath, other showers;
  1. Cryotherapy:
  • Cryotherapy - treatment in a cryogenic chamber;
  • Cryotherapy - Local (nitrogen vapor).


The direct beneficiary of the activities undertaken under the project is Rawicz County Hospital in the company of great responsibility

The final beneficiaries (final), so the people targeted by the project, and where applicable, are primarily the elderly (over 60 years), the chronically ill and self-reliant, requiring long-term care patients in a vegetative state, and thus, among other things, patients Department of Healing - Welfare in Rawicz, as well as members of their families, for which the implementation of the Project is to support and necessary assistance.



The project will contribute to the achievement of two fundamental results.

Result 1:

Improving access to health services and improve their quality, including health care, including reproductive and child health prevention, as well as in the field of health care problems associated with an aging population.

Result 2:

Prevent or reduce the incidence of diseases related to lifestyle.



As part of the project provides for a series of training courses aimed at different audiences. As part of the activities are also activities related to health promotion. More about the cycles of training in "Training".



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